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Consultation Service - Penny Auction Script

Consultation Service

You tell us your business needs and we will work with you to find the technology solutions to meet those needs. All information shall be kept private and confidential per NDA. Our consultation service includes both business and technical. We will help you define what it is you need in your penny auction website in order to succeed. Whether you are in need of a technical feasibility study, a cost benefit analysis or a marketing plan; we have done them all.

Custom Design Service - Penny Auction Script

Graphic Design Service

Our graphic design team will work with you to define and customize your website to look and feel like no other. In order succeed in this competitive business, you need to tailor your design to meet your targeted audience unless your budget forbids you from doing so. The least that you must have that is unique to your site is your own logo. The way our template is built, we can easily and quickly change the colors and themes of your site to your design needs.

Coding Service - Penny Auction Script

Coding Service

Our P.A.S. software is tested, ready and proven to work but we can further customize any function of our software so that you have an advantage over your competitors. In addition to all the plug-in modules that we have developed; these modules can be further customized and expanded. If you have a unique concept or idea that no one out there is using and you would like us to develop it into reality for your penny auction website; we are ready.

Training Service - Penny Auction Script

Training Service

If you have not operated a penny auction business before, do not worry. We will train you from A to Z. Most people think that they know it all but our experience told us that most of them need to be trained in order to understand how to effectively manage a penny auction website. You will be trained to understand your site from your customer’s perspective and from the site administrator’s perspective.

Hosting & Technical Support Services - Penny Auction Script

Hosting & Technical Support Services

Dedicated servers with dedicated support and that’s why over 92% of our customers decided to host with us. Nobody understands our software as well as we are because it’s our very product. The type of server hardware and software you need may not be the same as the other customers because it is depends on how many projected customers you will serve. We will find a correct web hosting solution that fits your budget and your customers’ demand. Keep in mind, not just any server can host a penny auction script.

Internet Marketing & SEO Services - Penny Auction Script

Internet Marketing & SEO Services

We provide E-mail Marketing, Pay per Click Management and Search Engine Optimizations Services. Do you need us to manage your Pay per Click campaign? Do you need a service to help you send mass e-mails like million a month? Do you want to partner up with some marketing firm to help drive more traffic to your website? If you do, contact us.

About Penny Auction Script

Summary of Who We Are- Penny Auction Script by Digital Marketing Solutions, LLC. P.A.S. [Penny Auction Script] is the leading penny auction software designed and developed from the ground up by a leading American software firm based in Michigan and California. It’s the only penny auction software in the market that guaranteed it works. We are NOT a firm that sells you a cheap software script and promising you that you will make a lot of money in this business. We are a professional full service firm that provides software development and design for Penny Auction website owners. Our services including Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Hosting and E-marketing services.

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