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First and foremost, we thank you for visiting this page.  However, our software demo is NOT available to everyone for good reasons.  Our business strategy is NOT to mass selling our state-of-the art software to everyone at the dirt cheap price.  We just want a few good customers who we believe that can be succeeded in this business.

The steps of getting a live demo:

1. Contact us – click here

2. Download and sign the Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your business ideas and our software- click here.

3. Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, we will schedule a live demo with you and then you have up to one week to play with it before you make your decision.

About Penny Auction Script

Summary of Who We Are- Penny Auction Script by Digital Marketing Solutions, LLC. P.A.S. [Penny Auction Script] is the leading penny auction software designed and developed from the ground up by a leading American software firm based in Michigan and California. It’s the only penny auction software in the market that guaranteed it works. We are NOT a firm that sells you a cheap software script and promising you that you will make a lot of money in this business. We are a professional full service firm that provides software development and design for Penny Auction website owners. Our services including Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Hosting and E-marketing services.

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